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non-alcoholic wines

What are non-alcoholic wines?

Non-alcoholic wine (more precisely dealcoholized wine) is obtained from classic wine. A gentle dealcoholization process separates alcohol from the wine without changing the characteristics of the original wine. You can then enjoy your favourite variety of wine without any worries!

Absolute novelty in the Czech Republic!

Thanks to a unique production process and 10 years of experience, Night Orient offers alcohol-free sparkling and still wine, which you can enjoy just like their alcoholic siblings.

While most non-alcoholic beverages come from musts and are not actually wines, Night Orient products are real non-alcoholic wines with 0.0 % alcohol maintaining full taste and aroma thanks to the vacuum dealcoholization process.

Wine that everyone can enjoy

Night orient

Night Orient wines are light premium wines of the most famous varieties Chardonnay, Merlot, Tempralinno and sparkling cuvée.

Their light and fruity flavour is due to plenty of sun and warmth typical of the centre of Spain, specifically the region of La Mancha. It is a combination of sun and soil rich in minerals that gives rise to the light yet distinctive Night Orient wines.

Night Orient wines have won several awards: “Best Product of 2018” in the non-alcoholic wine category or gold star from the International Taste and Quality Institute 2019.

Non-alcoholic wines Night Orient

Bio organic wines


Vendanges are organic, virgin-pure non-alcoholic wines grown and processed with the utmost care. Organic wines are characterized by traditional grape cultivation, completely free of pesticides or fertilizers.

The next step is the clean processing of grapes without adding sugar and other commonly added substances. The sulphide content is absolutely minimal as well. The result is a totally pure and fresh taste with slower opening of aromas and flavours compared to traditional wines.

This is one of the reasons why opened organic wines last significantly longer without losing quality.

Discover the whole world of Night Orient

Night Orient is not only a non-alcoholic wine, but also a variety of popular non-alcoholic cocktails!

These definitely include the most popular sparkling cocktail Spritz, Mojito or Bellini and dilutable Pina Colada, Margarita and Caipirinha. If you are interested in any of these products and you have not found it in our e-shop, please contact us!

nealko koktejly Night Orient
Night orient

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